Case Hand

RSC Case Hand


Case’s have hands, didn’t you know….

RSC Case

To find the hand of a case you take a regular slotted case (RSC) and place it on the table. The printing should be oriented with the text in the readable position. That is to say the text is pointed up.  Now you locate the two panels of the case.  One is the major panel and the other is the minor panel.  The major panel is the panel that is the longest and the flaps are the ones on top when folded. The minor panel is the one with flaps that fold underneath the major panel flaps. As you look at this case the side with the major panel hand of the case. In this example this is a left hand case.

Case Erector, Case Former Hand

Once you know the hand on the rsc case, then you establish which way the case erector will open the case. As in our example the left hand case will be opened / erected / formed by the major flap moving forward toward the minor flap as it opens. Wexxar’s WF 10 is a good example of a left hand case being opened or formed on the machine. For more information on Wexxars WF 10 please follow this link to the  Fully Automatic Case Former / Case Erector Wexxar WF10 site. You can see the WF 10 in action with this case erector video.

case erector

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